We wanted to give Arwa & Tony a unique housewarming gift,
so we took advantage of them being away on their honeymoon. 

We attacked the house with Smiley Face magnets, foam confetti, crazy balls, beach balls, punch balls, and balloons!

We hope they'll continue to find these happy treasures for years to come...

Greg and Joey spill the confetti!

Time to mess up the kitchen too!

So many balloons, so little air...

Even Jenine had fun spreading Smiles!

Uh-oh... the boys got a little carried away!

Arwa & Tony are either going to love this, or just hate us forever...

And the Grinch couldn't even get away from the Smiles.

Not sure who this beast is, but he definitely needed some Smiles!

Greg gets full credit for the water balloon idea...

Do they know they have Smiles lurking in their flower beds?