Bouncing Baby Ball #3

Our most exciting news is that we are expecting another baby on August 20th!

Joseph is very excited about having another baby in the house... he loves Jenine so much and is her protector.  He had been asking us to have another baby, which we just laughed at for a while... but imagine his surprise when on Christmas morning, his last present was news of another baby!

Jenine knows there's a baby in mommy's tummy, and like Joey, she sings to it, says night-night, and gives it hugs sometimes.  But she is too young to really understand that the baby will come out one day and live with us.

Although we're not going to find out the baby's gender until it is born, Greg suspects it's a girl and Laila suspects it's a boy... this from one of the 20-week ultrasound pictures.

<<10-week>>          <<20-week>>

For names, so far we have Jacob picked out for a boy -- a name we've held onto from when we were expecting Jenine.  If it's a girl, we're considering Jayda.