2003 Fall Fun
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Favorite Past-Times
Joseph:  Mastering computer car games
Jenine:  Snuggling with Snookie-Bear, and eating with a crayon in hand!

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Soccer Fun!
Joseph played with SYSA (Sylvania Youth Soccer Association) this Fall.
He didn't like it at first, but by the last game, he was disappointed the season was over.
We'll be signing him up for indoor soccer after the holidays!

Indoor fun at Chuck's place (for Emily's 6th birthday).

A new-found love for art...  other than watching The Wiggles,
the only thing Jenine wants to do in the morning before even eating breakfast!
She's already learning how to hold the crayons the right way... 
all on her own from watching the rest of us.  Brilliant baby!

Monkeying around with Aunt Sarab and Uncle Mark!

Always on the Move

Halloween Dress-Up & Trick-or-Treating
Joseph was Jenga Fett from Star Wars (because the costume looked like a robot).
Greg is the one behind the scary mask.
Jenine wore the over-rated Tom Arma flower costume, but she looked precious!

The Annual New Farmbrook Fall Block Party
Hosted by the Smith's and the Jones' (no kidding).  Mike Jones was the hay ride driver.
John Smith DJ'ed Disco tunes in his garage...  they even had a disco ball!