My Birth Day


Narrated by mama while it was all still fresh in her mind.

WARNING:  For those of you who haven't experienced the miracle of child-birth first-hand, you might find this to be too much information!

Skip the talk and check out the baby pictures!

The weekend I went into labor was crazy busy.  On Saturday, we went to a Sibling Class at Toledo Hospital, and Joseph hated the idea of holding a baby.  That was a little disappointing.  But we carried on with our day, stopping at Wendy's for lunch while we killed time waiting for our nephew Tarec's 4th b-day party.  We helped him celebrate his birthday, then scurried out to Ann & Jimmy's for Jarret's 1st birthday party.  From there we went over to Papa Walt & Grandmanita's house for an Easter egg hunt.  I was so exhausted by the time we got home!

Semma-lemma-ding-dong & Amti Laila    Birthday Boy Tarec    Birthday boy Jarret gets attacked by Greg-the-Tickle-Monster!    Joseph digging through the Easter treasures!    Mama and Joseph taking a break from hunting for eggs.

My official nesting started early on Sunday, when I cleaned up the house in the morning.  Thelma was in town from California, and we met up for lunch.  The company was great but I was really uncomfortable the whole time.  I also had some not-so-typical nesting on Sunday night, when I sat for hours on end logged into OC, sending out transition e-mails, tying some final loose ends, and updating my "out of office assistant" to say I was out on vacation and maternity leave.  I was determined to have a week off of work before the baby came where I would not do any OC work, and enjoy my time with Joseph and the last few days of being pregnant.   Or so I thought...

When I finally got up to go to bed, I felt different, but wasn't having contractions.  I almost said something to Greg, but decided it was just discomfort from sitting for so long.  But sure enough, labor started at 1:45am on Monday morning, with contractions at 6 minutes apart.  By 3:30am when Grandma Reenie came over to stay with Joseph, they were only 3 minutes apart.  I had a contraction while trying to get into the van...  the fun was just beginning!

We got to the hospital at 4am, and the emergency room lady was brilliant enough to recognize I was in labor.  She let me give her my name and info from across the waiting room, rather than making me wait my turn.  What an angel!  :)

The contractions seemed to slow down when we got situated in triage on the 3rd floor.  I was surprised & almost disappointed when they sent me to the labor room after being in triage for a couple of hours...  I was not mentally ready for the baby to come a week early.   Instead of diagnosing me with false labor & sending me home to enjoy a week off of work, they told me to get ready, this was it!  They first hooked me up with an IV for antibiotics, since I carry the Beta Strep virus.  Then they tried to break my water but nothing seemed to happen, they figured the baby was blocking the water from leaking.


Once the contractions picked up again, I got loaded up with Nubane, which sent my head into a spin.  It was not worth the trouble!  After patiently controlling myself during the spinal, my friend Epidural came along and gave me relief!  I spent a couple of hours napping, watching Greg try to nap through his nervousness, talking to family & friends on the phone, eating Jell-O, listening to the baby's heart beat, and watching the contractions on the monitor.  When it was time to go, I was all rested!

By the way, it's true what they say about inducing labor  -  it is much more intense and painful than natural labor.  Since I was not induced with Jenine, once Greg reminded me how to breathe, the contractions were much easier to get through.

Jenine was a very easy delivery...  after the second and successful attempt to break my water, I dilated from 5 to 10cm in less than an hour.   When the nurse asked me to push to see if I was ready, she saw the baby's head right away and told me to stop!  She had to get the doctor and their tools ready!  It only took two or three more half-pushes for Jenine's delivery into this world.  Every time I started to push, Dr. Okin (Cindy) or the nurse would stop me, since she was wanting to come out faster than they or I were ready for.

Fresh out of the oven...
When they placed Jenine on my tummy, we were so amazed and just
gawked at how perfect she looked, except we had no idea what we were looking at!  It was probably only a few seconds, but the doctor finally checked the sex of the baby and said, "oh - you have a girl!"  I was personally dumb-founded, I really thought this was going to be baby Jacob and not Jenine.  But how perfect!  We now have a beautiful boy and a gorgeous girl...  our family is truly complete!

Greg was brave enough again to cut the umbilical cord and the nurses cleaned up Jenine, did their tests, dressed her in their baby gear, and handed her back to me.  She was so breath-taking!  The three of us gazed at each other and baba took some pictures.  I nursed her for a few minutes while baba sent out the announcement e-mail to friends, family, and co-workers.  It might have been record time - sent only 1 hour and 18 minutes after her birth! 

0408-BabyGear.JPG (1466731 bytes)
Standard issue baby gear...

0408-Jenine_Asma_Ball.jpg (34737 bytes)
Up close and personal...

0408-Momma_and_Jenine.jpg (43959 bytes)
Gazing at mama...

0408-FirstSmile-Small.JPG (59923 bytes)
First Smile  :)

Greg also video-taped us a little, but I started to get nauseous and had to quickly hand him Jenine before I puked all over her!  That's about when they took her to the nursery for a few hours of monitoring.  I guess they've modified some of their procedures in dealing with Beta Strep, so she did not need to go to neonatal ICU like Joseph did. 

0409-FourteenInTheNursery-Small.JPG (96379 bytes)
The baby factory's warehouse:
Stock on-hand = 14 babies

After taking us to our private room, the nurse wished us the best and gave both Greg and I a big group hug.   It was the perfect personal touch to an already amazing day!

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0408-TiredSnuggles.JPG (1632361 bytes)
Snuggles with one tired baba...


0408-SittiSmiles-Small.JPG (50303 bytes)
With Sitti Asma...


0408-SittiAndTony.JPG (1521699 bytes)
Tony in amazement...
he was the first official guest at the hospital!


0408-BigBrotherPride-Small.JPG (57263 bytes)
Proud big brother


0409-MamaAndBabies1-Small.JPG (38802 bytes)
Mama and precious babies


0409-LargeMarge-Small.JPG (62541 bytes)
Snuggles with not-so-large Marge


0409-AuntLeeLee-Small.JPG (56037 bytes)
Huggins from Aunt LeeLee


0409-JenineAndBabaAllRested-Small.JPG (70032 bytes)
Cuddles with a more rested baba

<<hospital picture>>
 Is this really our baby Jenine???
Why is it that hospital pictures turn out so bad?

More pictures from the hospital and the day we took Jenine home...