Birth Announcement


Joseph has a new hand to hold!
Greg and Laila are overjoyed to present to you the latest addition to our family...

Jenine Asma Ball

Born on Monday, April 8, 2002  at 12:44 pm in Toledo, Ohio
7 lbs. 14.5 oz.   20.5 inches

Jenine was born with an itty bitty amount of light brown hair, blonde eye-lashes,
and blue-gray eyes which started turning brown within a week.  She seems to have her
mama's olive skin and signs of curly hair, but that could all change!  Even though she favors
the Sartawi/Farah side of the family, she still looks a lot like big brother Joseph,
has the long and skinny Ball family trait, and Grandma Reenie's hands.

We chose the name Jenine after visiting the home land, Palestine, in 1999
and we drove through the city of Jenin.  We could not have known that our precious
baby girl would be born in the middle of the catastrophe that fell upon the city
this year.  Our thoughts and prayers for peace and healing go out to
the victims and their families in Jenin and all of Palestine.

Asma is Laila's mom, and means "high" or "elevated" in Arabic.  It is
also the name of the first Caliphate Abu Bakir's daughter.  We hope that Jenine grows
up to be as loving and generous as her Sitti Asma...  She's already as beautiful!