Trip 3

From Ramalla --> Caesarea --> Haifa --> Acre

Highlights: Walking on the old walls of Acre.  The view from the top of Mt. Carmel in Haifa..

Lowlights:  Our service at a restaurant within the walls of Acre.

We stopped at Caesarea on the Mediterranean coast.  There were ruins from the Roman times, including a working aqueduct and an amphitheater.  We didn't pay to go in so our pictures don't reflect the coolness.

We stopped for a bit in Haifa on top of Mt. Carmel for a view of the city and the surrounding area.  Very nice.  We also paid 2 shekels to go to the bathroom in a Carmelite church.

Spent the most time in Acre (Akka in Arabic).  It's a city that was important during the Crusades -- but was destroyed and never fully recovered.  What remains is a city within the walls of the old city.  I wish we could have spent more time here exploring and taking pictures, but such is life.  Who knows, there may be a next time.

We drove past the Silicon Valley of Israel, just south of Haifa.  Microsoft, Sun, SAP, Intel...  the whole lot had buildings.

Mc Donald's: 5    Burger King: 2

Caesarea Mt. Carmel Joey on the wall in Acre
Part of the old wall Part of the old city Microsoft and our driver
A sky glider