Trip 4

From Ramalla --> Yaffa --> Tel Aviv

Highlights: Playing in the sand.  Laying on the beach.  Relaxing in the sun.

Lowlights:  The Tel Aviv Love Parade.

Today was just a quick stop in Yaffa and on to the beach in Tel Aviv.  White sand, pretty beach, nice people.  A lovely day and a much needed rest.

Joey loved the 'wooshes' or waves as we call them.  He didn't like the salt-water in his eyes, but since it wasn't as bad as the battery acid from the Dead Sea he got over it soon enough.

Found the most yummy popsicles I've ever had.  They're made by a local Israeli company under license of Nestles.  I'll have to look for them elsewhere as my mouth waters just thinking about them.

The 'Love Parade' was a collection of freaks, weirdoes and generally teenagers that needed to find a direction in life.  They were for the most part harmless.

Mc Donald's: 8    Burger King: 2

Sign in Yaffa Laila and Joey on a cannon He's famous here also...
All this sun tires me out!