Trip 7

From Ramalla --> Netanya

Highlights: Sand, water, sun, and TV in English.  No mosquitoes.

Lowlights:  Knowing that our vacation was almost over.

Curiously Russian, Netanya as very beautiful with a great beach.  Most signs were in Hebrew, English and Cyrillic and almost everyone looked slavic or had a heavy accent, but people were friendly for the most part.

We found more of the great popsicles and actually ate at a Burger King.  Did I mention that I got to watch television in English?  Oh, I watched a bunch of junk alright, but hey -- beggars can't be choosers.

Since it was our last trip, Laila went wacko with taking pictures.  Also, we were there for about 2 1/2 days so we had more opportunities.  I just think Laila likes being wacko.

I did learn how to make the best sand castles while there.  A nice lady from England showed me how.

Mc Donald's: 9    Burger King: 4

Sunset our first day Joey and Daddy Daddy and Joey
Mommy and Joey Joey and Mommy A view of the beach
I like sand castles Joey running Joey, belly, hat.
Joey learns the basics Joey builds one... Joey destroys it.
Joey sits in the moat! Joey lays in the moat Moat monster again
Our pal Sal or Liz