Tom's Tribute

Hello and welcome to the Tom Montgomery Cedar Point Tribute Site.  Tom, a founding member of the Owens Corning Cedar Point travelling road show, was unable to physically make it to the 10th annual trip to the park this year.   Fortunately, we decided to bring a little Tom along with us so he could be there in spirit.

This led to a couple of problems:

1.  We didn't have anything of Tom's we could bring.  So we decided to bring a Dilbert doll with a picture of Tom attached to Dilbert's face.

2.  We didn't have any pictures of Tom.  So we decided to put the face of another friend on Dilbert and just call him 'Tom.'   Sound strange?  Well it wasn't half as strange as some of the looks we got.

Anyway, here is a chronology of the day's events as they pertained to Tom.  Let me just tell you this -- Tom had a good time.


sm_Tom buckeled up.jpg (4674 bytes)

Here 'Tom' is, all buckled and ready to go! (are we there yet daddy?)

sm_Tom on horseback.jpg (6216 bytes)

Notice the fine camera work.

sm_Tom the Jockey.jpg (7811 bytes)

Giddy-up little horsey!

sm_Tom aims for the camera.jpg (7548 bytes)

Watch out!

sm_Tom in the bumper cars.jpg (7837 bytes)

'Tom' gets cutoff at the pass...

sm_Tom and the Power Tower.jpg (9659 bytes)

Look at me!  I'm just tall enough to ride the big rides!

sm_Tom and the Magnum.jpg (5498 bytes)

This Magnum is way scary, I can't look.

sm_Tom eats lunch.jpg (5767 bytes)

Boy, all these rides sure work up an appetite.

sm_Tom rides the swings.jpg (6687 bytes)

Booring... Booring...

sm_Tom in the stockade.jpg (8458 bytes)

I've been a baaaad boy.

sm_Tom unwinds at Ruby Tuesday's.jpg (7357 bytes)

Finally, Ruby Tuesday's for a little rest and relaxation!

Hopefully, Tom will be able to make it in person next year -- if not, we'll know what to do!