My First Big Bash
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Keeping in line with the ducky theme, my first birthday party was held at Olander Park.
There's a pretty little lake there, with lots of duckies and geese waddling around.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

Jenine called the duck "beebee" (baby!)

Quack-quack quack-quack quack-cock-a-doodle-doo!

Noona ate non-stop the entire party... baby food, strawberries, veggies, cake, a hot dog, olives, pasta, ...

How many guys does it take to get a grill started?

Amanda with a pile of kids behind her in the slide!

Stephanie, Joey, and Sydney

Stephanie and Syd

Jarret exploring a new park

Joey already sick of mama and her camera. Samira showing off for the camera.

The Bakers, after World War III.

Hajjeh Arwa trying to keep warm, or was it trying to keep the bugs out of her hair???

Favorite Kate, Mark, Amanda, Sarab, and some strange guy who crashed Noona's party.

Big Hugs!

It's baby Boo! Where's Sully???

Blue-eyed Jarod

Chillin with Tommy

Mary and Kurt

Another Ball Family!

Pinata Time!

Sydney tries her luck...

Amanda gets the one!


The adults stand back and give the kids elbow room.

The lovebirds.

Jabri girls and that strange guy.

King Walt and his court.

Present time!

A singing Ball! Yeah!

Raggedy Ann, courtesy of Ann.

More duckies!

Happy birthday dear Jenine... Happy birthday to you! Ooh sa sa sa, ooh sa sa sa, hit her in the head with a big kielbasa -- gooooo Jenine!

Party moved to the west side of the shelter house, away from the lake and on the warmer asphalt.

Cheer Bear! She's bigger than Jenine!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

Silly hat and boots from mama...

Strange guy tries to crash the party again.

Strange guy shows off his best side.

Blue-eyes is back!

Sad boy Joey... not used to not getting all of the attention.