1st Birthday
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A whole year has already gone by!  Jenine gets more beautiful, sweet, and feisty with every passing day...           

My First Birthday Celebration

My First Big Bash!


Walking, running, climbing stairs, climbing toys, walking on beds, crawling if all energy already exerted.



Mama, Baba (daddy), Dada (daddy), Neena (short for Anneena, "bottle" in Arabic), Ba (bye), Ha (hi), Itti (Sitti, or Grandma in Arabic), Num-num-num (feed me!), and Beebee (baby).




Eats all of the time, moves about non-stop when awake, bites big brother Joseph when he takes away a toy, sucks thumb when tired or sleepy, prefers to sleep alone in crib (no more night-time snuggles for mama!).




Eats all of the time!  Transitioning out of baby food; started on whole milk (yuk!); feeds self bottle; drinks from a straw; drinks from an open cup with help; loves pita bread, cheese, pasta, olives, and cake; already bored with french fries; hates eggs, spinach, and tomatoes.  Eats all of the time.




Snuggles/hugs/kisses stuffed animals and dollies, rolls toy cars on wheels, likes to put toys in containers and empty the containers, likes to empty mama's purse, likes to empty diaper bag, likes to empty out cupboard full of Tupperware and plastic cups/plates, likes to empty out drawer full of bibs and burp/wash cloths, likes books especially ones with music, likes to play chase with Joey or mama and baba, likes to ride baba's shoulders.  It's too bad she doesn't get to play much...



Loves music, songs, and dancing -- The Wiggles is favorite show!  Just starting to sing along to songs...



7.5 little toothies -- four up top, and 3 1/2 on the bottom.  The last one came in just a week ago.