My First Birthday Celebration
Home Up


I woke up to find a pile of presents, a bouquet of balloons, and some duckies waiting for me!  Joey helped me break in my toy kitchen before going to school.  After picking him up from pre-school, we all went out to brunch with Reenie and Sitti at Cafe Marie.  Mama ordered me pancakes...  I ate a third of them!  Yum Yum! 

We then went back home where everybody sang happy birthday and Joey helped me blow out my candle.  I was stripped down to my onesie before being let loose on my very own #1-shaped cake.  The cake was yummy (yes -- mama baked and decorated both cakes for me!). 

I also got to open up some presents from mama and baba, Joey, Annie, and Uncle Mark's family -- the Weiss'.

A couple of days later, Joey helped Mama and Baba put together the goodie bags for my birthday bash.  He filled them all up with ducky beanies, Play-doh, stickers, and other goodies!