Photo Album II

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This is page 2 of my personal photo album.   I'm between 0 and 1 month here.

sm_Joey usound1.jpg (8398 bytes)
Here I am two months after conception... I look like an alien.

sm_Joey usound4.jpg (9267 bytes)
I'm saying 'Hi' to daddy for the first time...

sm_Baby Factory.jpg (8979 bytes)
I was born in a baby factory (a.k.a. Toledo Hospital)

sm_Joey Newborn1.jpg (5621 bytes)
Just minutes old, I think I will test out my lungs... they work!

sm_Unknown and Joey.jpg (11346 bytes)
Here I am with 'identity withheld because she looked like hell.'  My first Hug! :)

sm_joey2.jpg (6486 bytes)
Boy am I tired... I'm a whole 15 minutes old!

sm_Joey (min) & Mom.jpg (7142 bytes)
I think I will get some slee...zzzzzzz

sm_Joey & Joel.jpg (6342 bytes)
Here I am with Uncle Joel. He looks VERY natural holding me...

sm_Joey (wks) & Mom 3.jpg (8508 bytes)
Hey! What do you want?
sm_Joey (mo) Pose 1.jpg (4859 bytes)
My first photo shoot...
sm_Joey (mo) Pose 2.jpg (4784 bytes)
More of the same.
sm_Joey (mo) Sleeping 1.jpg (7527 bytes)
All these pictures are making me tired... I think I'll take a nap.
sm_Joey (mo) Touchdown.jpg (7041 bytes)
...and the Packers score another touchdown!
sm_Joey's Footprints.jpg (6829 bytes)
My feet.  Aren't they cute? I think I'll play hopscotch across the page!
sm_Joey (wks) & Mom 5.jpg (8351 bytes)
Hey, you still here?