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This is a brief chronology of my life.   As I get older, I will add pictures to keep you up to date on my growth.

sm_Joey 3 months.jpg (9644 bytes)

I'm just too cute...

sm_Joey grass.jpg (14027 bytes)

My first time in the grass...

sm_Joey bibhead.jpg (12373 bytes)

Just acting goofy for Momma and Not-the-Momma

sm_Joey pretzel.jpg (9804 bytes)

I'm not too sure I like this stuff

sm_Joey hi-chair.jpg (11981 bytes)

I'm a big boy now!

sm_Joey spinach.jpg (13045 bytes)

Spinach.  Good enough to eat, good enough to wear.

sm_Joey & teddy bears.jpg (13590 bytes)

My 6 month Sears pictures.

sm_Joey & pooh pals.jpg (9461 bytes)

I've learned how to 'smile' on demand.

sm_Joey in tub.jpg (7443 bytes)

Bath time is fun time with me!

  sm_Joey snuggles.jpg (12525 bytes)

I love to snuggle with my bear.