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The Groomsmen                                  The Bridesmaids

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Best Man:  Keith Turnock 
Friends since childhood, Mark and Keith have gone from building floats to B. Hamptons, and now to Best Men.  Playing Little League together paved the way for years of Fantasy Football in their adult years.  Keith is a manager at Mary Kelly's Restaurant in Dublin, Ohio.

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Junior Groom:  Alec Weiss 
Mark's little brother attends Cassingham Elementary where he had his recent stage debut and has just started the baseball season.  Alec will be escorting Semma down the aisle in September.
Groomsman:  Ryan Payne 

Mark's little brother is getting ready to head into (Bexley) High School this year.  Ryan can always be found at his computer and recently celebrated his Confirmation.

Groomsman:  Layne Bauman 
Mark and Layne have known each other ever since they were kids. They were often teammates while playing basketball and football. They've slowed down a bit and enjoy golf and Chinese buffets. Layne is self-employed in the automotive industry.

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Groomsman:  Steve Kretzer 
Steve has been Mark's friend and brother-in-law for the last ten (plus) years.  He's the proud father of Mark's first niece - Evelyn!  Steve is President and Owner of Industry Insights in Columbus.

Groomsman:  Matt Leukart
Friends since junior high, Matt became an honorary fraternity brother while Mark and Adam were at Pitt.  The two lived together during the summer months. Matt works for AMSCO Corp, a family business.

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Groomsman:  Keary Ryan 
Keary and Mark were high school friends, where they played baseball together.  Post-college, they lived in Victorian Village with Keith and Adam. Keary is a math teacher at Bexley High School, their alma mater.
Groomsman:  Adam Snyder 

Mark and Adam went to Bexley High School and the University of Pittsburgh, where they were Zeta Beta Tau fraternity brothers.  They've shared some great times from mixers at college, Grateful Dead concerts, and Halloween parties as roommates.  Adam is a broker at Steinhaus Financial Group. 

The Bridesmaids                                  The Groomsmen

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Matron of Honor:  Monica Nitschke
Monica and Sarab's friendship began in the halls of Notre Dame Academy… Lobby D, dances, speed-walks and talking about boys have evolved into "Best Girls" at each other's weddings.  Monica is an 8th Grade Teacher at Joan of Arc in Toledo, Ohio.

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Flower Goddess:  Semma Sartawi 
Semma is Sarab's adorable fashion queen 7-year-old niece.  When the two aren't contemplating which Backstreet Boy is cuter, they love to exchange clothing tips, watch videos, play computer games, and snuggle.  Watch out for Semma at the wedding, she is sure to upstage the Bride!   

Bridesmaid:  Brittney Craft
Brittney was Sarab's Big Sis in their sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.  They were also college roommates at Ohio State where Britt enjoyed crawling into Sarab's bed when she wasn't home.  The two now spend their time working out (followed by Pizza Hut or Donato's of course!).  Britt is a Recruiter for Buckman-Enochs and lives in Columbus.

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Bridesmaid:  Meghan Griffith 
Also college roommates, Meghan and Sarab spent most of their Senior year lounging in Meghan's tiny room after long nights out.  Sarab was always happy to mix up Meghan's favorite cocktail for her -- Merlot with a splash of Parmesan cheese! Meghan is an insurance agent at the Griffith Agency in Girard, Ohio.

  Bridesmaid:  Arwa Sartawi
 While growing up, Sarab and Arwa shared two hobbies- arguing and stealing clothes from their older sister, Laila.  Luckily they've (kind of) stopped doing both!  The youngest of the Sartawi girls, Arwa graduated with a degree in Psychology/Art at the University of Toledo and plans to pursue her Master's in the future.

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Bridesmaid:  Megan Schoen 
Megan and Sarab have been friends since high school.  The two share fond memories and laughs of Sarab's mom's late night habits -- including vacuuming and watching Tempest!  Megan lives in Toledo and is a Senior Writer at American Identity Inc.

  Bridesmaid:  Melissa Skomedal
Melissa and Sarab share their hometown of Toledo, but did not meet until college when they pledged AXO together… Sarab has been trying to act like Melissa's mom since -- and luckily Melissa humors her!  Melissa lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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Bridesmaid:  Bobbie Sheidler 
Bobbie is also a fellow Eagle Alum and got Sarab through her first year of College at the University of Toledo.  The two are honorary members of each other's families and share lots of holidays… Bobbie is an Electrical Estimator in Toledo, Ohio.

Bridesmaid:  Jenny Weiss
Jenny is Mark's sister who loved to dress him up as a girl when he was a kid and even spoke for him until he was three!  Growing up, she showed him the ropes in high school and introduced him to college life… from sorority girls to basketball games and everything in between.  The two have become great friends over the past 3 years and Jenny completes the perfect package!

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