Blizzard Beach
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Disney's Blizzard Bech Water Park

No cold, no flu, no allergies were going to stop us from going to Blizzard Beach. 
It started out as a very foggy day, but turned out to be another hot one under the sun!

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After an early lunch, we first stopped at Melt-Away-Bay...  thinking it would be a good spot for the littler ones to sit and splash in the water.
Ha!  There was no sitting to be done in this bay!  It was a man-made pool with continuous little waves.
Joseph's favorite spot was where the two waves crashed...  he made a bee-line straight for it!

Next we went to Tikes Peak...  a play area just for toddlers.

Joseph was too big for most of the slides here, so daddy took him over to the Ski Patrol Training Camp,
an area for pre-teens, while I stayed with our two tikes. 
Turns out Joey was quite brave and ended up swimming in 8foot deep water without any help!

Jenine spent the afternoon making friends and braving the toddler slides all on her own.  She just wanted me out of her way!

When the boys came back, I took off for some big kid fun with Joseph.  We rode the Cross-Country Creek tubes over to the other side of the park.  From there, Joseph talked me into a couple of crazy rides!  Imagine me laying on my tummy on a thin foam "toboggan" sled, getting whipped around a slalom path.  I had no idea what I was getting into... once I started downhill, I had to keep telling myself to enjoy the ride and not fight it!

Next I got talked into the Toboggan racers...  again flat on the tummy on a foam toboggan...  weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I don't have pictures of us on these rides, but here are some photos of the rides from the Disney site:   

Snow Stormers: Zip downhill on a toboggan.
Three flumes descend from the top of the mountain and follow a switchback course through slalom gates.

Toboggan Racer

Toboggan Racers: An eight-lane water slide that sends you racing over exhilarating dips as they descend the "snowy" slopes.

The real drama of the day was just about to happen.  Jenine walked away without anybody seeing her.  As I was walking over to the lifeguard to ask him where lost kids go, I slipped and scraped my knee bad.  Turns out I also really hurt my foot (feels like a fracture), but I was too upset about Jenine to think about it then.

Greg rushed over to the lost kid's area, where he was grilled and asked twenty questions... luckily Jenine knew my first name and what I was wearing that day... and Greg had been paying attention too!  Jenine was picked up by the Disney greeters and was happily coloring pictures.  She had no clue what happened. 
Greg was going to puke.  I was in tears.  And she was coloring.  Thank God!

We wrapped up the few minutes left of the day at Tikes Peak still... the kids squeezing in a few more splashes, while mama and daddy collected their nerves.

All in all, it was a blast of a day and we could have easily spent at least one more day in here!