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Our flight out of Toledo was delayed by a few hours so the crew from the night before could rest. 
Luckily, Sunday's snow storm hadn't gotten too bad yet, and we  were still able to fly out. 
Jacob's first flight was a success, and he slept through most of it!

 It made for a very long day, but the kids stayed in pretty decent spirits. 
Mama's flu got bad, and I hit the sack with the shivers as soon as we got to the hotel. 
Dad made a run for some snacks and drinks, while we ordered in Pizza Hut and crashed for the night.

Orlando Hotel Near Disney

We were ready to explore and play the next morning! 
The hotel turned out to be pretty nice, and is undergoing some renovations inside and out. 
The service was amazing, the pools were awesome, the beds very comfy. 
Only thing we would have changed is to get a suite next time -- turns out we're a big family!

Time to go swimming!!!  It was a gorgeous day, reached 80 degrees and mostly sunny.

The hotel pools haven't all warmed up yet,
but that didn't slow us down. 
We stayed in the smaller heated pool,
which was also only 5ft at it's deepest point...
perfect for the kids!

Time for a break...  Joseph's flu got bad, so did his allergies.  And it was naptime for Jacob, so the boys all went back to the room.

That left the girls to stay out and splash around a bit more.  We stayed in the heated pool until the shade took it all over. 
We tried to brave the big cold pool, but it was literally ice cold.  So off to the kiddy pool we went.


Jacob all cleaned up, rested, and looking for some dinner!

We ate at the hotel diner, and ended the night with another run to the grocery store for meds for Joseph's allergies and cough. 
But he still said he was feeling fine and ready for Blizzard Beach the next day...