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Well, as sick as we were, Wednesday was the big day at Magic Kingdom. 
So we got off to an early start, and headed out to our "day on foot." 
I forgot about how you actually park (or take the buses) to the ticket & transportation area at Disney. 
Then there are shuttles from the parking lot to the ticket area.
Once you have your tickets, you get back in line for the express monorail to the Magic Kingdom. 
We were pooped out before we even got in!

But as soon as we got in, we caught a few characters as they were walking out to greet everyone. 
None of the kids were interested in Goofy or those rolly polly guys from Alice in Wonderland, so we headed down Main Street. 
A bus full of dancers got out and sang a few classic tunes right in front of us.  That was pretty cool!

"I'm walkin' right down the middle of Main Street USA..."


We had breakfast across from the castle, which made a beautiful backdrop! 
The big boys then took off for some rides, and the rest of us headed over to the castle to watch the Cinderella show.
Jenine was left speechless of course, while Jacob napped in the hot sun.

We tried to go see Ariel next, but there was a long line.  So we found a shady spot, fed Jacob some fruit,
and then headed over to Fantasyland for Story Time with Belle in the Fairy Tale Garden. 
Talk about speechless.  Belle was so sweet, she captivated the audience, especially Jenine!

Jenine was a little too shy at first, but Belle talked her into posing for a picture. 
As we walked away, Jenine kept saying "I yuv her mama, I yuv her."

Before we knew it, it was already after 2pm, and we had to go find a curb spot so we could watch the parade.
We were lucky enough to find a lady willing to share her spot, and ended up with front row "seats."
We snacked while we waited for the show to start, and Greg harassed people as they walked through the street.

The evil float interacted with us the most.  Looks like Jaafar is pointing right at us!
And check out Cruela DeVil...  she spotted Jacob asleep in his stroller (it was still too hot for him), and said something like "It's sleeping."
I said yes in a "ain't he cute" voice, and she responded with "Wake it up!"  I said no, so she said "Pinch it." 
Then she made a twisty pinchy motion with her fingers, and said it again! 
She almost had me frightened!  I had to remember she was just a character playing her part!  Ha ha ha! 


By now we were exhausted and starved.  So we grabbed a bite at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café and let the little ones nap. 
Jenine crashed in the stroller for almost three hours, and Jacob slept on a ledge while gazing at the waterfalls and castle. 
The big boys took off again for more rides, while I hung out on the restaurant balcony, waiting for Jenine to wake up.

Turns out that Joey's favorite ride all day was Tomorrowland's Transit Authority...
it doesn't look all that exciting, but it takes you through some of the other rides.  He enjoyed it twice!

Our next stop was Ariel's Grotto... finally!  Once again, Jenine was a little too shy at first, but finally warmed up to Ariel.
And on our way out, she said...  "I yuv her mama, I yuv her."

We spent the rest of the night on Cinderella's Golden carousel, Snow White's Scary Adventures, and the Pooh ride.
We're not sure which Jenine enjoyed most - the carousel ride itself, or looking at herself in the mirrors!
She definitely didn't like the Snow White ride, even Joey was a little scared.  But she wanted to ride Pooh again!


We also stopped in at Tinkerbell's Treasures, but we missed the fairy for the day.
The grand finale was the fireworks... we watched them from Fantasyland,
which put us right under and in between the two rows of fireworks. 
It was a bit loud and woke up Jacob.  He watched for a few minutes,
got scared and pulled the blanket over his face, then peeked out again to watch some more. 
He was sooo cute!



We could barely walk out of the park... it was almost 10pm. 
The kids and I all crawled into bed as soon as we got back to the room.
I think Greg unpacked our stuff, or maybe a fairy followed us and took care of everything after we fell asleep?



We could have easily spent another day or two at Magic Kingdom, and we haven't even touched the other parks.
Maybe our next trip down, when the kids are all a bit older, we'll stay longer and get to do it all!