San Juan
At Sea
Sint Maarten
St. Thomas/St. John

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One of our favorite islands...  with nice, clean, quiet, secluded beaches and decent shopping.  The cab drivers were once again out in rare form, competing for the business to the point it was annoying.  But the deals were good, the people generally nice, and the beaches great, so we'll cope with the cab drivers.
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Miller's Beach

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More playtime on the beach with Yvanka
NCL2001-056Day4-AntiguaMillersBeachSandMonster.JPG (57431 bytes)
The sand-monster!
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Joey's favorite past-time - playing in the sand and
water all day.
Greg promised to build him
a beach when we got home!
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TimothyDalton.jpg (14922 bytes) On the way back from Miller's Beach, our cab driver dropped off a local lady in the middle of town...  and she spotted Timothy Dalton, of James Bond fame, walking down the street.  She blurted out "you're the James Bond guy!"  We looked at him with what must have been a last-minute "hey you're famous" kind of look.  He nodded yes to her and just smiled back at us funny.  It looked like there was a small film crew walking in tow behind him.

NCL2001-057Day4-AntiguaStJohnsCoast.JPG (45349 bytes)                      NCL2001-058Day4-AntiguaStJohnsSunset.JPG (40523 bytes)
Back on the boat for a few sunset shots...
NCL2001-060Day4-AntiguaSailAway.JPG (70009 bytes)
...and sailing away from St. John's port.

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