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Once again, this ended up being our least favorite island.  From afar, it's very pretty and tropical.  However, up close, it's dirty and overly populated.  Walking along the dock area in Fort- de- France to catch a ferry, we passed by a few cab-drivers relieving themselves into the Caribbean Sea.  Welcome to Martinique!

Both times we've been here we've found the people generally rude and unfriendly.  We had a couple of exceptions this time...  one of the guys recruiting ferry passengers just grabbed the bag I was carrying and hauled it for about a 1/3 of a mile, found us seats on the Ferry, and put the bag down there.  He got a nice tip!  

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Forte-de-France:  Portside

NCL2001-037Day3-MartiniqueFortDeFrancePortSide.JPG (74927 bytes)
Forte-de-France:  Downtown
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Breakfast buffet, with scenic Martinique in the background...

Pointe du Bout
The beach that was recommended to us was on Pointe du Bout, and ended up being tiny, overly crowded, and had a very rough rocky beach.  To go to the "nice" beaches would have cost us over $200 in cab fares.  Nonetheless, we had a great time playing in the water and catching some rays.

NCL2001-029Day3-MartiniquePointeDuBouteSplashing.JPG (104266 bytes)
Splashing around...
NCL2001-028Day3-MartiniquePointeDuBouteYvanka.JPG (76808 bytes)
Joey makes friends with Yvanka...  a 5-year-old girl from the ship...
NCL2001-030Day3-MartiniquePointeDuBouteWading.JPG (111051 bytes)
More freestyle swimming...  Joey was loving it!
NCL2001-032Day3-MartiniquePointeDuBouteBeachPlay.JPG (111285 bytes)
Time out from swimming for some castle-building...
NCL2001-033Day3-MartiniquePointeDuBouteJoseph.JPG (92455 bytes)
Not so sure about the splashes...
   NCL2001-034Day3-MartiniqueFortDeFranceShipMamaJoseph.JPG (94326 bytes)
We managed to get a decent pose out of Joey in front of the boat... after a few takes of goofy faces.
NCL2001-039Day3-MartiniqueFortDeFrancePoseStanding.JPG (82005 bytes)
And yet another pose with daddy as the boat pulls away from dock...

The theme for the night was Caribbean, so we got all decked out in
our floral shirts, and hit the dining room for a nice meal...

NCL2001-041Day3-CarribeanNightLollipop.JPG (91503 bytes)
Joey started off his dinner with a big old blue lollipop...
NCL2001-042Day3-CarribeanNightFruit.JPG (83290 bytes)
But he did manage to put it down long enough to inhale his fruit cocktail.
NCL2001-043Day3-CarribeanNightOrigami.JPG (75651 bytes)
Needing a little entertainment, our drink waiter made an origami bird for Joey...
NCL2001-044Day3-CarribeanNightOrigami.JPG (92109 bytes)
...who thought it was the coolest!  If he pulled on it's tail, it made the wings flap!
NCL2001-045Day3-CarribeanNightJellySandwich.JPG (90850 bytes)
The fanciest jelly sandwich we'd ever seen...
a triple-decker complete with a pre-cut crust, 
grapes and lettuce garnish.
NCL2001-046Day3-CarribeanNightDessert.JPG (125843 bytes)
More of that fluffy creamy cake... this time served up with raspberry sauce.

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