Cruise 2001

San Juan
At Sea
Sint Maarten
St. Thomas/St. John

Welcome to our vacation website!  
Bright and early on Sunday, December 2nd, we set off for San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Our boat was waiting for us there...  the NCL Majesty.

It was not very majestic up close, but it was good enough with plenty of food
and a clean room to sleep in.  We spent little time on the boat, as we were
anxious to get some touring, shopping, and swimming in on the islands.

Day 1 - San Juan
Day 2 - At Sea
Day 3 - Martinique
Day 4 - Antigua
Day 5 - St. Maarten/St. Martin
Day 6 - Tortola
Day 7 - St. Thomas/St. John

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