At Sea

San Juan
At Sea
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St. Thomas/St. John

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Sun, Sea, and a bustling Breeze

It was a very windy day up on deck, but the sun was beaming down on us.
Between lounging in the sun, splashing in the pool, and raiding the breakfast and lunch buffets, it was the perfect start to the cruise.
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NCL2001-006Day2-Pool.JPG (107778 bytes)
Baba and Joey wading in the shallow end, asking mama to peel
herself away from the sundeck and play with them.

NCL2001-007Day2-PoolRailing.JPG (74690 bytes)
Joey braves it on his own into the
"deep" end, but holds onto the side
for dear life.

NCL2001-008Day2-PoolSideMamaJoseph.JPG (83566 bytes)
Mama and Joey... chillin' poolside after lunch, enjoying a reggae rendition of "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

NCL2001-011Day2-Island.JPG (90330 bytes)
We think this was Saba island in the background.  In the foreground, we're pretty sure it's cute little Joseph!

NCL2001-012Day2-LifeRing.JPG (126772 bytes)
One of the last posed photos Joey would
be willing to give for the rest of the trip...
and it was only day 2!

Kid's Corner:
Before heading back to the cabin to clean up for dinner, we spent about an hour and a half at the Kid's Corner...  the over-protective parents that we are, we opted to hang out in the background, rather than just leaving Joey there with the other 20 kids and ONE teacher. 

NCL2001-013Day2-KidsCorner.JPG (106232 bytes)
Coming down the slide, with life
preservers in abundance underneath!

NCL2001-015Day2-KidsCornerCupcake.JPG (93758 bytes)
Cupcake decorating... 

NCL2001-016Day2-KidsCornerBoyParty.JPG (91453 bytes)
Joey had so much fun with the older
boys...  repeating everything they said 
and did.  He dubbed it a "boy party."
NCL2001-017Day2-KidsCornerAvery.JPG (109629 bytes)
Avery with frosting and sprinkles topping
off her cute face.  She was one of the
four kids in our group.

Formal Evening
The evening was spent at one formal event after another:
The private reception for our group of 25, 
the captain's reception, 
and dinner in the dining room - also with our group.

Private Reception
NCL2001-018Day2-CocktailJarret.JPG (52641 bytes)
Jarret in his tux...  
cute boy with the blue eyes!
NCL2001-020Day2-CocktailBaba.JPG (73982 bytes)
Joey's first use of the digital camera...  
was Greg a little worried? 
Captain's Reception
NCL2001-018aDay2-CocktailLenieFrankAndrades.jpg (28979 bytes)
Lenie and Frank Andrade, 
Avery's grandparents.
NCL2001-022Day2-CaptainReception.JPG (126290 bytes)
Joey attaching himself to mommy's lap,
so there was no room for Jarret...
NCL2001-026Day2b - Jarret and Kozuka-Low.jpg (42318 bytes)
Jarret being serenaded in 
Romanian by our waitress, 
Cozuka Jinina Elena.
NCL2001-026Day2c - Grek Bday-Low.jpg (64670 bytes)
Greg's 36th birthday celebration!  
The cake shows his new Romanian name.
Family Portrait

NCL2001-026Day2a - Family Portrait on the Titanic-Low.JPG (74864 bytes)

The photographer did a lousy job setting up our pose, 
but it's still a riot that they had the 
Titanic staircase as a backdrop on a cruiseship!

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