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Cane Garden Bay                           Carrot Bay     

What a breath-taking island!  The Virgin Islands, whether U.S. or British,
are truly a piece of heaven on earth.  Lush green mountains, gorgeous views of the sea and the many surrounding islands, and white sand beaches.  It seemed Tortola had a beach for every need: sailing, surfing, or calmer waters for whimps like us.  

We spent the day with the majority of our group, renting a large "open-air bus"
and touring most of the island, getting woozy on the narrow curvy roads.

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Botanical Gardens
Not the best-maintained gardens we've seen, but there was a lot to see and photograph.
Greg's favorite:  the spiders.  Joey's favorite:  the junkyard just outside the gardens.
Laila's favorite:  getting back on the bus where a breeze could cool me off...
NCL2001-072Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenLittlePinkFlowers.JPG (88265 bytes) NCL2001-073Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenFountain.JPG (150935 bytes) NCL2001-074Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenYellowBellFlower.JPG (92243 bytes)
NCL2001-080Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenSpiders.JPG (43951 bytes) NCL2001-075Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenSalamander.JPG (55226 bytes) NCL2001-077Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenJerusalemThorn.JPG (143187 bytes)

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NCL2001-081Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenJunkYard.JPG (177863 bytes)

NCL2001-084Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenPoinsetta.JPG (71672 bytes)

NCL2001-079Day6-TortolaBotanicalGardenTurtles.JPG (142556 bytes)

Breath-taking views of the Caribbean and harbors surrounding Tortola...
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NCL2001-090Day6-TortolaShipHarborCloseup.JPG (75139 bytes) NCL2001-093Day6-TortolaBanana.JPG (82761 bytes) NCL2001-091Day6-TortolaShipHarbor.JPG (43478 bytes)
NCL2001-095Day6-TortolaPiratesPeekJimmyJarretLailaJoseph.JPG (88674 bytes)
At Pirate's Peek: Jimmy, Jarret, Joseph, Laila, Bouncing Baby Ball, & Papa Walt (background).

NCL2001-096Day6-TortolaPiratesPeekDistantRain.JPG (40074 bytes)

Rain in the distance, from Pirate's Peek
NCL2001-099Day6-TortolaCaneGardenBayClose-Up.JPG (105972 bytes)
A close-up of Cane Garden Bay... was going to be our swimming destination.
   NCL2001-101Day6-TortolaCarrotBayWide.JPG (84601 bytes)
Another view of Carrot Bay, where we only saw two surfers.

NCL2001-102Day6-TortolaRoyalPlumsInedible.JPG (177095 bytes)
Royal Plums - pretty but poisonous!
NCL2001-104Day6-TortolaDocksideSailboats.JPG (54240 bytes)
Tortola is the sailing capital of the Caribbean.  This picture just doesn't give justice to the amount of sail boats we actually saw here.

The Shell Museum
We were wondering where exactly the driver was taking us as he backed into a side street and we passed by what looked like a junk yard under a building.  Turns out it was the famous shell museum that was mentioned in the tour brochures.  We'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...

NCL2001-103Day6b - Tortola Shell Museum - Sign-Low.jpg (99468 bytes)              NCL2001-103Day6a - Tortola Shell Museum - Inside-Low.jpg (93921 bytes)

Back on the Boat
The ride was really rough, and Joey was pretty tired, so rather than have lunch and head back out to Cane Garden Bay for a swim, we decided to hang out on the boat and use the pool again.  We were treated to the same set of Reggae music the band had been playing all week.  At least now we knew all of the words!  We also played a commercial trivia game...  if NCL had been in better financial shape, Greg and I would have won a first place prize!

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