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We've been to St. Thomas twice before, the first time we got a tour of the
island and snorkeled off of one of the beaches.  The second time we took
the more adventurous bike tour and ended up at Megan's bay for a few
hours of swimming.  So this time, we decided to brave the transportation
system and catch a ferry to St. John.  All we can say is WOW...
This island is going to compete with St. Maarten for our next vacation! 

We had about 23 minutes till the ferry left from Red Hook (which gets us to St. John in 15 minutes).  A cab driver spotted us... could he get us there in time, or should we wait for
the ferry that leaves from the closer-by dock (takes over 45 minutes to get to St. John)?
Of course he could get us there!  Although he drove so fast that we weren't sure we'd
get there alive!  Luckily, the ferry was on island time, even though it was a U.S.
territory, turns out 10am does not mean exactly 10am.  My kind of time!

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Trunk Bay
Lovingly referred to by Greg as "Trunkie," we spent five heavenly hours here.
Joseph wants to live here forever.  Laila wants to retire here.  

The water was so clear that my own shadows would startle me!  The sand was as fine and
soft as baking flour.  And other than Joey's screams of delight, all you heard were the
waves and the breeze blowing through the trees.

Joey's quote of the cruise was on the drive down to the beach from Cruz Bay...  
he asked if the water was salt-water here too.  He then asked
 "does the water company add pepper to the salt water?"

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Riding the waves with daddy.  The waters were the calmest and clearest here.  Joey was in heaven!

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2-hour nap right on the beach... he kept on his swimmy vest since he was going to jump into the water as soon as he woke up!
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It was a battle getting Joey to stay out of the water long enough for us to pack up and leave...
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NCL2001-118Day7-StJohnTrunkBayLastSwim.JPG (82586 bytes)

We heard from everybody else on the beach that the snorkeling near that little island was
the best they'd ever experienced.  With a prego-mama and a 3-1/2-year-old, we
didn't get to try it out ourselves this time... but there will be a next time! 

Ferry Ride Back & the St. Thomas Shoreline

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Give mommy a smile?
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Thank you!

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Eastern shoreline of St. Thomas

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Our ship docked at
Charlotte Amalie

NCL2001-126Day7-StThomasCharlotteAmalieSailboats.JPG (62951 bytes)
Southern coastline

NCL2001-130Day7-StThomasCharlotteAmalie.JPG (48633 bytes)
Southwest of Charlotte Amalie...

NCL2001-129Day7-StThomasCharlotteAmalieRC.JPG (100596 bytes)

NCL2001-128Day7-StThomasCharlotteAmalieEdge.JPG (63771 bytes)
...and to the southeast

The much more majestic Royal Caribbean
Adventure of the Seas... docked in
front of us, and about 3 times the size of our ship!

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